brain/idea dump time

I really need to start using this for something, so, I’m just going to start vomiting ideas out for various projects. That way I have something to refer back to. Also maybe as this progresses, I can tweak my own creative thinking process a bit. we’ll see. This whole semester has been a big loop where:
1) We get the problem
2) I fail to brainstorm
3) Panic and pick an underdeveloped sprout of an idea
4) Have idea squashed in crits, fall behind.
5) Lose confidence and change the idea halfway through the project.
6) The final result ends up being semi-thought out and nowhere near as good as it could’ve been. All because I didn’t brainstorm at the very beginning.

For our final kinetic/sequential project. I’m having a rough time coming up with ideas, and I think it’s just because i haven’t really sat down and let them run their course.

So, the main critique I got for the last storyboard was that I wasn’t being creative enough with type- I agree. After watching this and this, I have some ideas:

The 3, for “3 days’ in the script could start out as a mouth of dog, ie: :3 this sort of idea, then the 3 flips upside down as the message turns sour. the 7 in 72 hours looks like the roof of a house..roof of a shelter. Zoom in on Hinkley, utah and into a shelter, have the 7 flip upside down again to form a sort of pit? Maybe that’s taking it a bit too literally…but then without a pit, the letters could just rain down, form a sort of pile, maybe give them some animal qualities (though would that be too gory?) then at “shot” they dissipate, the “o” in shot is a bullet which pans horizontally through the rest of the info, stopping at the 3 reasons the mayor gives.

What If I scrap the 3 idea, maybe one of the letters could wag a “tail”. Someone in class suggested a broken dog collar- maybe have some letter forms represent a collar, then, incorporate some real graphics? A real dog, with a collar you zoom in on, that becomes the letterforms?
Time is short, so I need to work with some of the idea/graphics I already have. I like the first dog, maybe incorporate him at the start, zoom in on his collar…
what if the animal was just a period? It appears at the end of words travels, goes through all of the stuff that is described, but since it isn’t an actual animal, the graphic nature of the video isn’t too high. ok.more to this later. I need to sketch some stuff.


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